Life is about making an impact, not making an income.

-Kevin Kruse



The Chains

Some people would call their love a dalliance. But to her it was more than that. She was broken girl who all her life only knew love as a monster. She was skeptical of love. The words “ I love you” meant nothing to her. She was apprehensive of ever letting anyone in, until the day she met him. He was the one who came in and tore down her wall around her heart and broke the chains of Sorrow. He gave her faith. She knew that he was the one to trust. He told her “ I love you” and for the first time, those three words made her world light up. She felt there was no one else in the world she could ever be this close to. She let this all blind her, she never realized that he was drifting away. He was getting so mad at the world that he let it tear him apart from love. She walked in and saw him standing there with the chains. Tears rolled off her face as she stood there waiting for him to speak. He walked toward her and placed his forehead against hers almost close enough to kiss as he closed his eyes and stood there. He knew this was the last time. He pulled away and grabbed her wrist and wrapped the chains around them. “Was this all just a lie?” She shouted as he walked away. He never even turned around. He never even tried. Now she is a broken girl with a missing heart, locked up by the one she called “mine”.

True Love

Her biggest fear was being alone. She couldn’t stand the thought of  being heartbroken by the one she truly loved. But she didn’t let that stop her from loving him. One night he picked her up and they drove till there was only a dirt road in site. He parked the car and looked over at her and said ” I cant imagine being with anyone else except you.”. She felt a thousand pounds drop on her chest but she never let it show. She wanted nothing more then to be with him forever. ” Promise me we will be together till our days end” he said while reaching for her hand. She looked up at him with a smirk and told him “I have a challenge for you, I want you to live a whole day without me. No texting or even seeing each other. If you can do this I will love you to the end of time.”  ” I will do this to prove how much I love you even though it wont be easy.” He drove her back home and she kissed him goodbye and she looked into his eyes and told him  ” I love you too the moon and back”. She walked up and watched him drive away. The next day all he wanted to do was text her, he couldn’t get her off his mind. He knew their four year anniversary was coming up and he deiced he was gonna finally give her a promise ring.  While he was missing  her he didn’t know that she only had 24 hours to live because she was suffering from cancer. The next day he went to her house and ran through the white picked  fence into the backyard to her bedroom window shouting ” I did it.” He saw a note tapped to the door. He looked at it with confusion. He walked up to the window and tore it off . He fell to his knees and begin to cry when he ” You did it baby… now please do it everyday. An never forget I Love you too the moon and Back.”


Accept yourself. If other people can accept you why cant you accept yourself. You are beautifully made from head to toe. No one can change who they are. You are one in a million. There isn’t a single soul in this world that can ever replace you. You don’t know how much joy and laughter you bring to people. Don’t ever try hide because there is always someone who will shine the light down on the real you. JUST BE YOU!!! So what if your not the girl everyone wants at least your not the girl that every guy had. You are worth more than GOLD. Don’t let anyone treat you any less than that. Now GET OUT THERE AND JUST BE YOU!!!

The Girl With A Mask

Why do we hide? Why do we pretend that everything is okay, When its not? She walks into a room; knowing she is gonna be asked the question. The question that makes her check herself. The question that brings all the feelings to the surface struggling for air. The question that makes her force a smile when all she wants is to cry. All she wants is to is fall to her knees and let out a weep. But she wont. She wont let them see the suffering and the heartache that brings pain. It would be a social suicide if she ever let it show. So what does she do? She puts on her mask. She fakes it till she makes it. She hides behind the painted smile like there is no evil in this world. Her heart was torn when she had to say goodbye. Until she met him who brought her back to life. Who guided her after losing sight of her path. She no longer needed the mask. She took it off and and stared at it with victory. She placed it her top drawer and hoped to never have to open it again. Her life was filled with happiness. She didn’t need to fake a smile it was all real and alive. She was so happy with all around her.She remembered when she walked in the room and saw him standing there with the mask in his hand giving it to her. He turned around walking back never turning around. As the tears rolled down her face as she placed the mask on her face. She felt chains slowly tighten and pull her into a place of sorrow. She took in a deep breath as she stepped into the door way. She walked in and saw him standing there with remorseful look. Her friends walked up and asked her the question; the question that she tried to avoid…. ” Are you okay?”